Happy Memorial Day

Remembering All TheWomen and Men Who Have Served To Proctect our Beautiful Country – USA

Image of US FlagHappy Memorial Day to all my followers  and to those who live in the US and are celebrating this day. As we plan out our extra day off to go to a BBQ, a long weekend get away, or for my hubby and I(a leisurely bike ride), let’s not forget to give pause and thanks for those who sacrificed their lives and those who continue to put their lives at risk to protect our beautiful country, USA.
We are very fortunate to live our lives however we choose, to protests or speak out against our leaders both political and religious, to celebrate our sexuality, to dress how we want, to live and work where we want, to travel safely and freely throughout our country and beyond, to educate ourselves, to read and print whatever we want. It is partly because of those who served that we have these freedoms. I for one am very grateful everyday to have these freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.

Memorial Day is just one more day to remind us to think about how lucky we are to live in the US and to say thank you to those who have served and continue to serve.

So, thank you for all who have served and continue to serve in the US military.


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