Wedding Bells

Image of read hearts
Heading to a wedding shortly. It has been pouring down rain all morning long. The poor bride and groom are having an outdoor wedding. The forecast calls for rain most of the day. 

I hope for the sake of the bride and groom, the sun comes out just at the perfect time; but if it doesn’t, I imagine they will make the most of it and decide to enjoy their special day. But, isn’t that just life? We make our plans and have certain expectations and then something happens and our perfect plans are ruined, or so we think.  

Sometimes we put so much stock into our expectations that when things don’t work out the way we planned, we are heartbroken, miserable, angry and can’t enjoy the moment. How we choose to react to an unexpected outcome will determine how we experience it. If we focus on all that went wrong, then we will probably be unhappy and angry. If we focus on why we were doing something in the first place, what we might have learned from the experience, and maybe even got a laugh out of it(assuming it wasn’t something tragic), we could say it was a good experience

This is life and this is marriage. Marriage has many bumps and obstacles. How a couple navigates life’s obstacles will determine the fate of their marriage. Here’s to hoping the couple’s GPS steers them in the direction of life-long  wedded bliss. 

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