Basil Teriyaki Tofu

image of basil teriyaki tofu dish

Basil Teriyaki Tofu with Bell Peppers and Mushrooms

A quick recipe to whip up when you are hungry and want something healthy and flavorful to consume.

I just came back from a nice walk and realized I was quite hungry. I had some bell peppers I had cut up the night before and frozen mushrooms(thank you Trader Joes) and thought they would go nicely with the one cube of tofu I had left.

Since my veggies were already cut, this dish took 10 minutes to cook and was packed full of flavor and nutrition


handful of sliced bell peppers
1 square of Teriyaki TofuBaked
1/2 C Trader Joe’s frozen mushrooms
1 T olive oil(I use Misto Olive Oil Sprayer when coating a pan, so it might actually be less than 1 T)
A few fresh basil leaves


  • Heat oil in pan on medium heat
  • Toss all ingredients(except fresh basil) into to pan.
  • Cover pan part way with lid to allow steam out and the vegetables to caramelize.
  • Cook for about 10 minutes until the peppers have a caramelized look.
  • Top with a few basil leaves(I left mine whole for the picture, but then cut them in smaller pieces to consume)

Serves 1, about 330 calories

You could serve this over a bed of rice, quinoa, couscous, pasta or whatever your grain of choice might be. I didn’t want the extra calories, so I ate it without a grain.





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