Healthy Road Trip Snacks

It’s Road Trip Time

What’s your snack of cheoiRce when you travel by car?

  • Crispy, colorful, healthy snack foods
    My first go-to snack is usually something crunchy. I get really sleepy when I drive. I think it has to do with my vision. To help with fatigue, I have to have snack food. Unfortunatley, if I don’t prepare for it ahead of time, I over do it on eating too much and eating the wrong things. So, to avoid putting on a few extra pounds from my weekend travel, I try to prep ahead of time.

For tomorrow’s car ride,  I cut up some fresh veggies and apples. They travel well and I can munch to my heart’s content and not feel guilty. I also almost bring a bag of popcorn and nuts or trail mix. Don’t forget liquids. Water is usually the best choice, but I love coffee, so I usually have a hot or iced coffee to sip on as I drive. I might even throw in some hummus or hard boiled eggs to have a little protein.

Would love to hear what you take on the road. Please share your snack choices in the comment section.

2 responses to “Healthy Road Trip Snacks”

  1. I bring popcorn too! They are quite satisfying and not too bad with calories.

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    1. Popcorn is one of my favorite foods!


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