Goal Setting is Powerful

Setting, writing and regularly reviewing goals can be so powerful and effective. I just pulled out my 2017 list that I wrote in February 2017, which I review every so often, and  I was amazed what was revealed to me. I actually put into place most of the goals I set and have either reached them, am close to my goal, or I am making progress.
I thougth I would share my list with you.

If you look at my list, there are a few things that I do on a regular basis that I think help me stay focused: Meditate, breathe, exercise and read and/or listen to inspirational podcasts, YouTube videos, and books(although I don’t think those are on my list because they have become a habit for me)


The Goals are italicized.

February 2017 Goals

Personal – Fitness

1. Run minimum one mile each day -right after school drop off (up to running regularly 3 miles 4-5 times per week and biking on weekend)

*2. Follow the hard-boiled egg plan for 2 weeks straight(lose 20+lbs) – 5 lbs to go(April 28 2017)

3. Drink more water (doing)

4. Meditate, gratitude, breath, Do Visham morning meditation, Sun solutions (doing)

5. Wim Hof breathing everyday(doing)

6. Weights Every other day (doing, maybe not every other day, but doing weekly)

7. Squats against wall everyday(doing this is really effective for toning and building strength in legs)

8. Get up 15 minutes earlier(5:45) – staying up later instead

9. Breathe when feel the need to eat or drink or feel tired or restless (doing, Wim Hof method helps a lot with this)

10. Skin care(doing)


1. Finish studying for State License before birthday (done, although happened after my birthday)

2. Start organizing closet for biz(working on it)

3. Film wardrobe clip for blog(haven’t done yet)

4. Take clothes to consign or thrift(done and still doing)

5. Work on CSG website updates(resigned, altho the project was ready to go live)

6. Set selling goals for 2017(just starting with those)

7. Start compiling contacts and networks for selling(in the process, have a few names and started putting the word out)

8. Stay current and up-to-date on blog to keep building interest and followers and start getting advertisement money(not as much as I would like. Been so busy preparing for State exam and training for new biz)


1.  Read few minutes of news in morning, afternoon and evening to be informed(doing, although news is a little rough right now)

2.  Read for book club and casual reading (doing and enjoying)

3. Find industry reading to keep on top of insurance biz and employee benefits(doing)

4. Consider CEBS (not right now, need to get biz up and running)

5. Photography – keep up with projects and assignments, start a portfolio page for biz for real estate and personal(finished class, took a few pics while in NYC and family gathering…that’s it so far)
6. Vocal- Continue voice lessons. Learn Madame Butterfly[Tutti i Fiori], Music of the Night for recital done and ready to perform.

* Note: I have added eggs back into my diet since I have issues at times with Anemia. I still lean more to a vegan diet as much as I can.

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