How to Talk To Anyone

My current car play list is: How to Talk To Anyone.

Self-improvement is a never-ending, but in my opinion, an important task. Time is valuable and for many, limited, so how do you find the time for something valuable and important? I use my quiet, car time and sometimes when I’m taking a walk, to listen to educational, spiritual and inspirational podcasts and audio books. I spend a minimum of 60-80 minutes a day just taking my daughter to and from school; in reading time, that’s a lot of pages.

This audio book by Leil Lowndes, is  packed with great suggestions for successfully communicating in professional and personal situations. 

Since I am embarking on a new career as an agent, I thought this book could offer up some good advice on communicating professionally.

It’s a quick read(listen in my case), entertaining and packed with some great tips.

Hope you like it.

Please share with me your current playlist. I’d love to know what inspires you.

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