Grateful for Snow

This has definitely been a strange winter. I live in Pittsburgh where winters are often long, cold, snowy, gloomy and dreaded. But this winter has hardly been winter. We’ve just had our second snow fall and both were below normal accumulation for this time of year. 

Whether or not you believe climate change is happening, it’s hard to deny that this winter has been barely winter in most parts of the US. That being said, it makes me look at winter in a different way. Instead of dreading it, I try to embrace it. I give thanks for the snow when it arrives. Not only is it needed for the water it produces after it melts, it is strikingly beautiful.

One of the ways I embrace the cold is by joining it. I put on my running shoes, or hiking boots and head outside for a brisk run or walk.

I did exactly that this morning in 16 degree Fahrenheit weather and the pictures are from my morning jog. It was a glorious and invigorating run.

Grateful for the snow, cold and sun today! So, next time it snows…EMBRACE IT!

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