In Search Of A Special Gift For A Major Life Event

A dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery all on the same day. Sadly it was only 7 years ago that she was a widowed with 4 small children when she lost her husband to colon cancer.

So you can only imagine why I was in search of a special gift for my friend! I wanted to send her something to let her know I was thinking of her and to brighten up her day.

I wanted to get her something unique and special that symbolized life, longevity, strength, and beauty, but nothing was coming to me.

Then, just a couple of days ago, I was on Facebook and I saw a post on my niece’s feed announcing the grand opening of her Succulent Supply Co. I clicked on their website and saw these beautiful, handcrafted, wooden boxes in various colors and designs and complemented with a variety succulent plants. That’s when my search for the special  gift ended.

I spotted a striped, gold metallic and fuscia patterned planter that I thought would be perfect for my friend. I had to go with the design that had pink in it since this was for a breast cancer survivor; and succulent plants are hardy, they require little water and sun and they can live for a long time – a symbolic message for my friend.

Lola 8″ Handcrafted Planter

I can’t wait until she receives the gift. I know she will love it! I realize this is such a small gesture for such an overwhelming and emotional life event, but I feel that any gesture, big or small that can bring a moment of peace or happy distraction for a difficult and stressful time is priceless.

The good news is, my friend got her pathology report back and no chemo is needed and her doctor anticipates she will live a long, healthy life. 

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