Great Blog Ideas for 2017 by Katie Emma Beauty

Need blog ideas for 2017? Check out Katie Emma Beauty Blog for some great tips! The link is a the end of this post.
The first idea I’m going to borrow, and an obvious one, but I neglected to blog about is my 2017 goals/resolutions. That will be coming soon to my blog, once I figure out what those goals might be. I’m all over the place this year. Perhaps I should write a blog on pinning down your personal New Year’s Goals/Resolutions?

4 responses to “Great Blog Ideas for 2017 by Katie Emma Beauty”

  1. Lovely ideas! Definitely stealing some 🙊

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    1. Me too. I like how she plotted out her subject ideas for each month of the year. Brilliant.

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      1. Yes! I was expecting just one long list but the break down was wonderful!

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