Create the Life You Want

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Create the Life You Want

Are you creating the life you want? According to the Law of Attraction, we are creators of our own lives. Our thoughts, emotions, words, actions…impact the outcome of our day and our life for that matter.

In other words, what we focus our mind on eventually becomes our reality. I believe there is truth to this, but I have to admit, I am probably an 80%/20% believer/doubter. In other words, most of the time (80%+)I believe that my attitude and thoughts do directly impact my life, but occasionally I have my doubts.

What I have discovered is that when I am doubting, it is because I have lost focus on my thoughts. I have allowed my thoughts to drift off into negativity land and when I do, I notice my life shifting in a direction I do not like. So what do I do to keep my focus on the positive thoughts? For me, it has to start upon awakening and I have to do it everyday.

Here is a list of my routine.

Upon awakening

Gratitude – give thanks for a new day of living. Sometimes I just repeat over and over, thank you, thank you, thank you. Sometimes I give specific reasons for why I am thankful. Gratitude puts me in a good state of mind to start my day.
Meditate – I try to make this a priority and do this as soon as I get out of bed. How long I meditate depends on how busy my day is. I have different ways that I meditate too. I prefer to sit outside on my deck and meditate in nature, but that is weather dependent. I also have a few meditation soundtracks/videos I listen to if I feel I need a little boost.
Breathe – I started doing the Wim Hof breathing technique every morning and when I have time, throughout the day. If you are not familiar with Wim Hof, he is also called the “Ice Man”. He got that nickname because he has learned to use breath to control his core temperature and is able to submerge himself in ice-cold water for minutes without developing hypothermia, he can also hold his breath for a very long time. He’s a peculiar and interesting man…check him out. The breathing is another form of meditation or focus. The breathing exercise has many health benefits, including getting in touch with your inner self, lowering your stress level, boosting your immunity, charging up your energy level, improving your physical endurance and more. Here is one of many YouTube links about Wim and his breathing practice. Vice did an interesting documentary about the Ice Man. You can search in YouTube to find it.

Have a daily ritual I look forward to doing – Make mocha for my husband and myself- I love this ritual. Every morning I make my husband and I a vegan mocha(my recipe). I am a huge coffee and chocolate lover, so I kill two birds with one stone by combining them into one drink and sharing it with the person I love, my husband. I feel it is important to do something nice for the person you love, everyday, regardless of the size of the act. This is one small way of me showing him my appreciation and love for him.

Show/Express your love – I Kiss and hug my family hello and goodbye. I don’t think there has ever been a day since we married that my husband and I didn’t kiss each other goodbye in the morning before work or hello at the end of the day, and good night at bedtime. We’ve been married for 23 years and I look forward to those kisses every time. The only time we may have missed the opportunity is when one of us is on a trip. I also hug and kiss my children who are 16 and 22. I don’t think you can tell or show your loved ones often enough how much you love them.
Love and kindness extends beyond family – I try to start out everyday with thoughts of love and kindness in my heart. Everyone I think of or come in contact with, I try to hold the feeling of love and kindness. I’m not saying I succeed every time, but I am trying and I will keep trying because I think love and kindness is what almost everyone wants and should have/receive in life. Also, our world needs a lot of loving.

Exercise – I try to do some form of physical activity everyday. Running, yoga and cycling are the three I do the most often and probably enjoy the most. I also like walking.I prefer to exercise in the morning, but since my daughter started running with me this past winter, I had to adapt the time to fit her schedule too. I much prefer running with her than alone. I love our mother/daughter time. My husband doesn’t like running, so we started cycling together. We ride almost every weekend and prefer vacationing in bike-friendly locations.

The rest of my day

The company you keep is important – I surround myself with like-minded, positive people. We can’t pick and choose our family, but we can choose how much time we want to spend with them, especially if any of those family members are toxic. I think every family has at least one member who drains everyone with their toxic, negative energy. There are times when this family member(s) is unavoidable, but we can limit our exposure and choose not to fall victim to their negativity. Allow them their space without judgement and encouragement. It’s really hard, but it can be done. It takes a lot of practice and patience and ultimately makes us grow as individuals. This probably holds true for some of the people we work work for/with as well. Again, giving that person space and managing the time we spend with them will give us some control over how their toxic energies impact us.

Bring in the reinforcements!! –
If you had access to my iPad or smart phone, you would see they are loaded with inspirational, spiritual, motivational, educational books, podcasts, and videos. I find that these reinforcements help me stay on track and keep me going at 80%+ on the positive attitude which for me translates into a life of 80%+ happiness and fulfillment.

Have fun! – I love life most when I’m having fun laughing, even if it’s at myself. I love to surround myself with happy people.I prefer comedic movies, TV, shows over all any other genre. Life can be difficult and stressful and laughing is a great way to de-stress! I just love to laugh!author being silly

Also, starting this blog a while back was another way to help me stay on track with keeping an A+ Attitude. I realize 80%+ isn’t considered A+, but I strive everyday to live that A+ life. Individuals with A+ Attitudes recognize that there is always room to improve oneself and one’s life.
So, what are some of the things that you do to stay positive and enjoy life? I’d love to hear your ideas…comment away.

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