Roasted Broad Beans-A Healthy, Guilt-Free Snack by Enlightened

I think I might actually have found a snack that I can enjoy without the guilt and that might actually be good for me. I stopped in Whole Foods the other day before my hair appointment to grab a cup of coffee and some trail mix to take with me to my appointment(highlights can take a while and I had not eaten breakfast). 

I was walking down the cracker and nuts aisle and came across a small bag of roasted broad beans by Enlightened. I had eaten roasted broad beans before but not this brand. I turned the label over(because I always read the label) to look at the ingredients and nutrional information. I was surprised to see that this snack food packs a whopping 10% iron, which I seem to run low on at times, 5 grams fiber, 7 grams protein,only 2.5 grams of fat, and 0 Saturated fat. A serving is around an ounce and only 100 calories.

I picked up a bag and got my soy/almond milk mocha and headed over to the salon. On my way there, I opened up the bag of beans and popped a couple in my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were. They were crunchy, a little salty and slightly sweet. They went well with my mocha. When I got to the salon I offered a few to my stylist. She too hadn’t eaten yet and was also impressed with the flavor. When she was done with my hair, I headed back across the street to Whole Foods to pick up another bag to carry me through the week.

I buy 2 bags per week. This has become my new go to snack when I crave snack food

I am sharing this in my blog mainly for shelffish reasons, I want this company to succeed so I won’t ever run out of this snack! I already have plans to take a couple of bags with me in December when we go to Disney. Since I’m vegan, I’m always looking for healthy, portable, sustaining food items and this certainly fits the bill!

Kudos to Enlightened!

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