In the shade of a thought

Fabulous poem. Really captures the essence of summer!

The ancient eavesdropper

The swish of purple leaves —
the tap of swinging plums —
the friction of time ticking by
on the pendulum tree. 

Shadows lengthen
past the noonday sun —
trees splay their canopies
on the ground —
growing back
to their roots. 

on the algae-
laden shells
of basking turtles 
which sit 
contently atop
a warped log
in a tepid pond.

The small talk
of bustling birds 
under a big sky.

In the tall grass
flicking its tongue
at convention —
a garter snake
slithers off
the beaten path. 

Paper birch
its flaking bark
the pages
of a worn book
turned by a zephyr. 

With the grace of a butterfly —
leaves flutter in place —
as a tree inches closer to the sun.

Braving the storm —
amid the heated exchange
of lightning, wind & rain —
a crow flies by
with ice in its veins. 


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