Easy, Fast Vegan Pizza

Image of Vegan Pita Pizza

We were recently on vacation at the beach and everywhere you turned, there were pizza joints. I love pizza and was really craving it but didn’t really want to break my vegan diet, so I came up with my own easy and fast vegan pizza recipe.

We had a full kitchen at the place where we were staying so on days where we ate in, this is what I had for lunch or dinner. There were several days where I enjoyed it poolside. It was fabulous!

Another plus about this recipe is it’s relatively cheap to make and it’s transportable as well. It was a good snack on our long car-ride home.

Easy, Fast Vegan Pizza


  • 1 *Whole Pita bread – whole wheat(is my preference)
  • 10 olives(or you could do olive tapenade, just make sure there is no cheese in the tapenade)
  • 1-2 Ts hummus(I just bought the store brand, remember, this is an “easy, fast recipe”)
  • avocado – 1/2 sliced

*Serving size: I usually eat about half. So you could slice the bread in half and toast it before you make if you don’t want to be tempted to eat the whole thing, or share the other half with someone else.


Toast the pita to your desired crispiness.

Spread hummus on toasted bread.

Sprinkle assorted olives or spread olive tapenade.

Evenly add sliced avocados.

Pair with your beverage choice(Green tea featured in the pic). Ice cold beer poolside is what I had a couple of times while on vacation.

Of course you can add fresh tomatoes, grilled veggies, spinach, artichockes…be creative and most importantly, ENJOY! I came across Edamame Hummus while on vacation and it was really good with this recipe.

SIDE NOTE: The Steve Berry book, The Patriot Threat, featured in the blog picture, is a summer read. I like his writing style. His genre and style  remind me a little of Dan Brown’s, author of The Davinci Code and other books. I’m about half-way through The Patriot Threat  and it’s pretty good. It’s a nice, light read.

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