Yogi Dabblers and Dreamers

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Hi all you yogi dabblers and dreamers. Do you fantasize about being a master yogi, or at least a yogi practitioner  but don’t quite make it there mainly because of time constraints? Let’s face it, most classes are 1 1/2 hour long and your schedule is just too full! All the demands of family life, jobs, pets, aging parents take up your time. Time becomes a limited resource, or so that is the argument we tell ourselves. Also, it isn’t really just an  1 1/2 yoga class, is it? Let’s not forget the commute time to and fro and any socializing we might do after the class. It really just seems much harder to fit in a daily practice once we’re grown ups with busy lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We’d all be better of if we could find the time to fit in our daily yoga and meditation practice. There are many people whose lives are most likely busier than ours who still manage to fit in their daily yoga time. In fact, I recently listened to The Rich Roll Podcast where Russel Simmons, Hip Hop Mogul to Yogi and Happy Vegan, tells his listeners that his daily yoga practice and meditation take priority over everything else in his life.

Here is a link to the Rich Roll Podcast. Rich Roll Podcast – Russel Simmons: The Yogi Path From Hip Hop Mogul to Happy Vegan 

This podcast is very entertaining and inspiring. Just a side note, don’t listen to this in your car if you have little ones or anyone who might be offended by expletives. Just like a yoga practice, the expletives  flow freely and frequently from Russel’s mouth. LOL. 

My only introduction to Russel Simmons before listening to this podcast was through his Russel Simmon’s Meditation Made Simple meditation app. So, you can imagine that I was somewhat surprised at the expressive, colorful language Russel used. I just laughed off my initial shock and  and allowed myself to be entertained and informed by this interesting man.

Getting back to yoga practice, if you are one of those people, like my sister, who insists that her life is SO BUSY that she just doesn’t have the time to fit in a regular practice, I found a YouTube channel Sadie.TV that I subscribe to that has some really good 20 min – half hour yoga practices. The instructor, Sadie Nardini,  does a great job explaining how to hold each and transition into each posture(which is one thing you miss out on when you don’t attend a class), plus you just feel really good after doing one of her classes. She’s also entertaining and just a cool person, probably because she’s a singer as well. Here is the link to her channel and more specifically to a practice I recently did. I felt the effects from this class well into the next day.

So, what are you waiting for you Yogi Dabblers and Dreamers? No more excuses! Put on your comfy, loose fitting clothes, pull out and wipe off your dusty yoga mat and get moving and meditating. You know you want to and your body, mind and spirit will thank you!


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  1. [ Smiles ] I never fantasized about being a yoga mater.

    However, I love the idea of meditation and staying fit!

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