How to Survive Airplane Food As A Vegan

Good tips from Maren Holmen’s site. 

I would like to add my own tips too: I always carry trail mix when travelling and pick up bottled water just before I get on the plane. Trader Joe sells nuts and trail mixes in single-sized, individually wrapped packages which fit nicely in my carry on or handbag. Granola bars are a good option as well, if they are vegan. I believe you can also bring a piece of fruit with you, provided you are travelling within the Continental US. I like to pack an apple because it stays fresh plus it hydrates as well.

I also throw in extra packages of trail mix or nuts for the return flight just in case I don’t have time to pick up more. 
Reposted from Maren Holmen(Marhoo Live). To read the full story go to:<a href=””>how-to-survive-airplane-food-as-a-vegan/</a&gt;

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