Berry Sweet Dessert

Image of berries and bananas dessert

Need a simple,  healthy, colorful and delicious  dessert to serve your dinner guests ? This is a perfect summer treat that’s light, refreshing and quick to whip up and it requires just 3 ingredients.

Berry Banana Chocolate Dessert

Serving size: 2

1/2 cup red raspberries
1 banana
Chocolate syrup of choice


Wash the berries, pat dry and place on a dessert plate or small bowl. Slice the banana in half and then dice each half into smaller pieces. Arrange half the banana on one dish and the other half on the other dish. Drizzle with chocolate syrup(or a light dusting of cocoa powder, if you don’t want the extra calories; or forego the topping all together).

Serve with your favorite beverage.

Berries dessert with cocoa powder
Berry Dessert with Cocoa Powder

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