10 reasons you should go vegan


1.  Have you seen freelee she is fit as hell, you can achieve the same result by ditching the meat, dairy and eggs
2. You will almost definitely lose weight, losing weight is always in magazines and trashy newspapers but the diets they suggest are simply unsustainable, if you are on one of these diets which usually include an exercise plan then stop, it’s a scam you will not sustain a 1600 calorie diet while exercising as well, it’s not possible
3. You’ll feel better than ever, when I went vegan I was shocked at how amazing I felt, before I was vegan I felt tired all the time, I wasn’t far off going to the doctor to find out if I had chronic fatigue syndrome, I went vegan and it was like I had done coke or something I felt so alert and awake. Other people have also reported…

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