Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most healthy beverage present today. I am also a huge fan of it. Modern scientific researches have shown that drinking green tea can be helpful in preventing disease in healthy individuals and can be used for recovery by unhealthy people. Green tea has became popular among individuals. The web […]

2 responses to “Benefits of Drinking Green Tea”

  1. Mary, I knew there were a lot of benefits to drinking green tea. There was a time for quite awhile where I gave up coffee completely and only drank green tea. Truthfully, my two main reasons at the time for doing so were one that I heard it made you look younger, and two that it helped you to lose weight. Somehow, I got back to drinking coffee and slowly it became my drink choice over the tea. I am now working on switching that again. I am having some coffee in the morning and then I switch to the green tea. I forgot how much I really enjoy all the different kinds that are available. Do you have a favorite? Mine is green tea and jasmine! Do you have a favorite brand as well for either flavor or because it is more organic than another? ❤ Tricia By the way, I think your blog is looking really nice!


    1. A Plus Attitude Avatar
      A Plus Attitude

      Tricia, I like the Honest Iced Moroccan Mint Green Tea that comes in the glass bottle and is a “tad” sweet. I normally drink it at room temperature. I also like green teas with hints of fruit flavor but I can’t say I have a favorite brand yet other than the Honest Tea. I probably drink a cup a day. I too love my coffee but by the afternoon I get coffeed out and switch to teas when I do. I also like Earl Grey and Earl Green.


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