Happiness is Being Present in the Here and Now

Image of statue meditating

I know that happiness is being present in the now, so why do I forget that sometimes? I was recently offered a position that gave me the opportunity to travel regularly. I had a lot of plans wrapped around this new position, but after several discussions with my spouse, my children and a few friends, I/we decided that now was not the time for me to pursue this career option.

I have to say that although I partially agree with the decision and I understand why I chose to decline the job, I had an overwhelming sense of sadness, disappointment and anger.  I wanted to stuff those feelings deep down into my soul and move forward but they kept resurfacing, so I allowed myself the benefit of wallowing in self pity for a day. In fact I even allowed myself to take a day off from work and just welcome whatever feelings came my way to surface, present themselves and then move on. I have to say I had a pretty awesome pity party. If pity parties were a trending thing, this would have ranked in the top 10.

What I have learned from my pity-party rave is that I needed to feel all the emotions that were running through me because they needed to get out. I needed to acknowledged them, give them their moment and let them pass through. This gave me the opportunity to evaluate my present situation. I arrived at the conclusion that my life is pretty damn good as it stands. I am fortunate to have both a current job and a  job offer and the opportunity to accept or decline it. Some people don’t have either.

At that moment of realization, I felt a sense of calmness and happiness. I knew my decision was the right one and I was back in my present state and happy for the life I am living right here and now.

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