Smiling at the Pump

I got a big smile on my face this morning when I filled my car with gas. I think that is the only time I can ever remember smiling at the pump. I know this seems like a strange subject to write about, but I just have to share why I am smiling at the pump.

I had to get gas this morning. According to my guage, I was 85 miles from empty.  I have a few errands to run today, so I knew I needed to fill up soon. My total bill was $24. It had been 2 weeks since I filled my tank and that was about 50 miles from my home(I was coming back from a trip). That’s right, I have been driving for 2 weeks without having to fill up in between. You might be wondering how I was able to do that? I bought a hybrid.

I had been the owner of a minivan for over 10 years. I loved my Toyota Sienna. My kids played soccer and we take my in-laws on a beach vacation with us every year, so the minivan has been great. The downside though is it is a gas hog. When gas prices were close to $4/gallon, it would cost me around $65 to fill my tan. I also felt guilty because I knew I was doing my share of contributing to the climate change problem.

My husband and I had already decided that we would downsize with our next car and I pushed for the hybrid.  I wasn’t prepared to trade in my minivan just yet. The Universe forced my hand. My daughter and I were in an accident that totaled our minivan. Fortunately it wasn’t my fault and no one in either vehicles was hurt, but it forced me to buy a new car. 

I am so glad we went the hybrid route! I am filling my car about every 2 – 3 weeks. That probably isn’t typical for all hybrid owners and might be a little on the low side because I work from home. Nevertheless, I love my hybrid and it shows even at the pump!

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