Image of bedroom

5 Bedroom Must Haves

My Sparce Bedroom(I’m a minimalist)

Haha, I just finished reading “5 Bedroom Must-Haves” and discovered that I am missing 3 of the 5.

If only my bedroom (in picture above) were as luxurious as the one featured in the article “5 Bedroom Must Haves” published in The Chriselle Factor blog. According to the article, my bedroom is missing , a rug, Egyptian cotton bedding(I do love Egyptian cotton bedding, but it is pricey) and lots of pillows. Unfortunately, too many pillows confuse my husband 😄.

Read more from The Chriselle Factor on “5 Bedroom must-haves”

I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo back on the blog to share her 5 Bedroom must-haves!

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