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Nothing like a solo road trip to clear your mind and refresh your spirit. I went on a solo road trip this weekend to meet my new grand nephew, Aiden.  I don’t get to take many trips alone so when I do, I try to make the most of it.

Aiden – below


I’m the mother of two, so getting alone time, true alone time where I’m only responsible for myself doesn’t happen very often.  I should also mention that I have an aging mother who lives close by and relies on me on an as needed basis for assistance. Sometimes the responsibilities of parenthood and daughterhood can be stressful. There are times when I feel tethered and just want to get away. That’s why solo trips, eventhough they are short and this particular trip was to meet my new grand nephew and lend a hand to the new parents, are truly welcomed!

One of the perks of  doing a solo road trip is I  get to choose the entertainment. I download podcasts and e-books  I’ve been wanting to listen to, but just don’t manage to find the time for them. Long road trips are perfect for that.

Another bonus for travelling solo  is that I get to set my travel pace  to “my” pace.  For example, I can stop multiply times for a bathroom  break or just to close my eyes for a couple of minutes. I have only me to worry about  on a solo trip. It’s rather refreshing and rejuvenating.

Solo trips are also the perfect time for reflection. Sometimes when I’m traveling alone, I like to listen to  silence. Many of us don’t make time for stillness or silence in our lives. Have you ever just sat in a room and listened to “nothing”? It is an amazing experience. If you are still enough and you are in a fairly quite room, you can hear the vibrations within your body. It has a very calming affect.


I love my family and I love going on trips with them. But there are times when I like the quiet, solo trips. As a mother, those moments are few and far between but are at times needed. Even though I got little sleep over the weekend because I stayed up late  to help with my new nephew so my niece and her husband could get some rest, I  came back home feeling refreshed and  more appreciative of my family.

So, if the opportunity to go on a solo trip presents itself to you,  treat yourself to the “you” time. You are worth it!



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