My favourite photo editing apps

Have used SnapSeed and PS Express. I really like SnapSeed! I have professional PS, so I use that more than PS Express, but in a pinch PS Express is nice. I haven’t checked out VSCOcam yet. Will do after reading Face Camera Action blog.

Face Camera Action

Photos are rarely unedited in magazines and social media and I am a lover of editing apps from everything to ‘healing’ to just adding a filter, these are a few of my favourite editing apps for you to try for yourself just to give your photos that extra special touch and as I am not, by any means, a photoshop expert (in fact I can’t work it out to save the life of me) I have had to resort to all different free apps to help me along my way.

1. Snapseed. This app has been around since 2011 and is great for small details. If you have something you want to remove (a spot which you where not planning on having) this is the app for you, with its healing element it is great to make any selfie look flawless.

2. VSCOcam. With its gorgeous filters and amazing brightness…

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4 thoughts on “My favourite photo editing apps

    1. Thanks. I can’ take much of the credit. I was reposting and commenting on someone else’s blog. Regarding Instagram as a photo editor, sure why not;) It has filters and a number of editing options, but I don’t think you can download and save it to your device. I believe you can only share, correct? Also, I believe the photos can only be displayed in a square dimension.

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      1. Oh, really? I didn’t realize that. I just started using Instagram about a month ago. I started using an app called Canva. It has pre-formatted sizes for the various social media platforms. It’s a pretty nice app.

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