Girl’s Gotta Have Her Chocolate

If you are like me, you can’t go a day without chocolate! I love good, rich, dark chocolate. A girl’s gotta have her chocolate pretty much daily. In fact, I start out my morning not just with coffee, but a mocha. The first thing that enters my body after a cup of water is my homemade mocha.

By mid-afternoon I’m usually starting to drag, so I either have a second cup of coffee or tea, or I tap into my chocolate stash and treat myself to a morsel of chocolate. The great thing about dark chocolate is a little goes a long way.

Another great thing about chocolate is you can enjoy it without gaining weight. Like I said, “A little goes a long way”. I can eat a piece of dark chocolate without feeling the urge to eat the entire bar or box. Dark chocolate is rich in flavor, slightly bitter and somewhat fatty. I think the combination of the rich flavor and fat content satisfies the sweet tooth craving. Chocolate contains caffeine which gives me a nice mid-day boost.

This was my mid-day snack yesterday, made by none other than yours truly. See the recipe at the end of this post.

Image of chocolate candy

Chocolate Coconut Date Pecan Bar

I’ve also started adding cacao nibs in my mocha, peanut butter, banana, almond/soy smoothies It adds a nice texture to the smoothie…kinda like drinking a Starbucks Mocha Java Chip, but with healthier ingredients and a smaller price tag.

Here is a list of some of my favorite chocolate brands:

  • Taza Chocolate: a little grainy, but very few ingredients, might actually qualify as vegan
  • Moser Roth – Dark chocolate, two options 72% and 80% sold at ALDI
  • Endangered Species – they have a dark chocolate cacao nibs flavor that is DELICIOUS
  • Alter Eco – Dark Chocolate Quinoa – I think this is vegan
  • Godiva – Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Trufflata
  • Harry & David Dark Chocolate Truffle

So that’s just a few of the chocolates this girl’s gotta have. Are you a CHOCOHOLIC like me? If you are, share your chocolate addiction in the comment section. Would love to hear what your favorite flavor or brand is.

Chocolate Date Coconut Pecan Recipe


Date/coconut bar split in two(I bought this in the grocery store. They look like logs)
Piece of your favorite dark chocolate candy bar
Pecan pieces


  • Make a sandwich by placing the chocolate piece in between the two slices of coconut/date bar
  • Heat the sandwich in the microwave on a microwave-safe dish for about 20 seconds on a power level of 50%
  • Sprinkle the pecan pieces on the top and mash them down into the melted sandwich with a spoon
  • Place the chocolate in the freezer Unti it solidifies
  • Enjoy with your favorite beverage

4 responses to “Girl’s Gotta Have Her Chocolate”

  1. Chocolate date coconut pecan looks more like a list of all of my favorite things than the name of a recipe 😉 will have to try!

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    1. A Plus Attitude Avatar
      A Plus Attitude

      Thanks. It was quick and easy to make and satisfied that mid-afternoon slump.

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    2. A Plus Attitude Avatar
      A Plus Attitude

      I just checked out your blog. Sweet! I am now a follower:)

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      1. Aw, thanks! We’ll be checking out yours now too!


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