The Perfect Cup

Do you have a favorite mug for your coffee or tea? I do. I actually have several. But lately I have been favoring the one my sister Tricia bought me. I was visiting her in Maryland over New Year’s weekend. We ducked into T.J. Maxx to check out their sales. As we were standing in the check out line we came across a display of mugs. I picked up one that caught my attention and commented on it. The next thing I knew, my sister put it in her cart and bought it for me.

I love this mug for a few reasons.

  1. It’s from my sister and I love my sister(s) – I have 2 sisters
  2. It’s the perfect shape. It’s rounded so it nests nicely in my hands, especially on a cold, winter day.
  3. It’s not too large, but large enough – I likes my JAVA!
  4. I love the color
  5. It has a prayer for sister and did I mention that I lOVE my sisters?

It truly is the simple things in life that make your day special. Each time I reach for this mug and pour myself a cup of coffee, I think of my lovely sister and how blessed I am to have her in my life and how much I love her.

Do you have the perfect cup for your tea or coffee? If so, please share your story.

5 responses to “The Perfect Cup”

  1. I am truly blessed to have had the many wonderful years to have had you as my sister Mary! You are my sister, my running coach and buddy-when I can do it, and my friend! I switch off favorite mugs all the time because I love seasonal mugs, but I have two top favorites. One is pink and says “change your world- think happy thoughts” the other is a purple one that my daughter just gave me for Christmas. It is purple and it says “think happy” it also has a happy face inside the mug at the bottom! Do you see a theme here with my mugs?

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    1. A Plus Attitude Avatar
      A Plus Attitude

      AH, hello my lovely sister and thanks for responding. It doesn’t surprise me that one of your favorite mugs is PURPLE and from your lovely daughter, my beautiful niece. Send me a picture of the purple mug so I can post it. Or send me pics of a couple of your faves and I’ll attach it to this post. Love you Tricia<3


  2. Hi, what a lovely read. I have a favourite mug, it my Las Vegas one. Great memories attached to it and the right size. My mum recently bought me a wonderful tea cup to use for my perfect cup of teas and to use for my tea reviews. It reminds me how lucky if how lucky I am to have my mum, and how she still spoils me, Chloe.

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    1. A Plus Attitude Avatar
      A Plus Attitude

      Chloe, thanks for sharing your “Perfect Cup” story. So you’ve been to the US, Las Vegas, to be precise. Did you get to see other parts of the country? Judging from your blog, I’m guessing you still live in England? Are you mostly a tea drinker or do you mix it up with coffee as well? Nice you can think of your mum when you drink from the cup she gave you. It’s probably the next best thing to having a cuppa with her.

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      1. Hi, I love visiting America and hope see lots more places soon. I am indeed from England and am a tea drinker and I’m not that keen on coffee. You’re certainly right about my cup 😊. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future and thanks for taking the time to stop my blog, Chloe.

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