Fennel, Cashew, Beet & Cranberry Basalmic Salad

Image of fennel salad and ingredients

Had Spring-like weather in the dead of winter. Got in a nice 20 mile bike ride with my hubby and then a 3.5 mile run with my daughter. The only thing left to do was have a healthy, light dinner. I was craving fennel and beets. This is a nice, light, satisfying salad. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Oh, and it’s vegan as well.

Prep time: 10 min
Serving size: 1

Image of fennel and beet salad

1/2 fennel root – I like the meaty, heart of the root
2 T chopped, raw cashews,
2 beets(I used canned since I didn’t have fresh and was tired)
2 T cranberries
Basalmic Glaze
Dash of salt – optional


Wash the fennel, cut off the stalks and then cut the base/heart of the fennel root in half. We are only going to use half for now, so you can put the other half away for another meal. Chop the fennel into small pieces and place in a shallow bowl or a dinner plate.
Chop the beets and toss them on top of the fennel.
Add the cranberries and raw cashews.
Toss the salad and drizzle it with the Basalmic glaze.
Add a dash of salt if you want.


One response to “Fennel, Cashew, Beet & Cranberry Basalmic Salad”

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