What I’m Most Grateful for is…LIFE

I came across this in my draft. I may have already posted it a while back, but after reading it, I decided this is a message worth reposting and rereading. I hope you like it and find it inspiring. I am truly grateful for my life and existence on the beautiful planet earth. Thank you for my life!

I’m 13 days into my 100 days of gratitude. I discovered that what I’m most grateful for is life. I start each morning before I even get out of bed reciting my gratitude. The first idea that pops into my head is “life”. I’m grateful for life. There is no guarantee that I will be here the next day or the next moment which makes me realize that life is a gift. So everyday when I wake up I say thank you for my life.

That simple statement of gratitude naturally lends itself to so many other things for which to be grateful. For example, when I think of life, I think of breath because breath sustains life. When I think of breath I think of heart beat because heartbeat sends the oxygen to the lungs and organs that sustain breath which sustains life, and so on. Everything in our body is dependent on something else in the body to sustain life. It is that last statement that opens my heart to love and to appreciate everyone and everything that exists. We are all interdependent and interconnected. Together we sustain each other and we sustain life.

Thank you for life!

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