Badtitude Much?

DSC_0490I’ve had too much of a badtitude the last 24 hours. That’s right, Badtitude. For some reason that expresses how I feel. I’m angry and I’m having a pity party. There are a few things in my personal life that I’m a little unhappy about. It’s nothing major, but I’m working on finding a way to resolve them. In the meantime I have gone from feeling very angry, to sobbing to coming back to my almost normal self.

What I am learning from this badtitude is that sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to go to that uncomfortable zone. We can’t be happy, go-lucky 24/7. For optimist like myself, that is sometimes difficult to swallow. I don’t like feeling down and I’m not one who likes to be angry.

Instead of continuing to wallow in my badtitude, I decided to write about it and share it with my readers. Earlier today I found a post I had written a while back called What I’m Most Grateful for is…Life . I reposted it today because after I read it, it made me feel better and it was a good reminder that gratitude really does help adjust one’s attitude.

The things that I am currently displeased with are not life-threatening or even urgent for that matter; they are things that have been on my mind that I have chosen to put off and now I’m feeling a little pressured to do something about them. Unfortunately it involves another person cooperating with me and that’s what is stirring up my badtitude.

I have read enough self-help books to know that no one is causing me to feel the way I am but me. How we choose to act/react to a situation is our choice. It can be a good situation, it can be a bad situation, or it can just be a situation. So, I have decided to just let the situation “be” while I work on a solution.

What do you do when you “Badtitude Much”? I’d love to hear how you handle your badtitude.  PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. 

2 responses to “Badtitude Much?”

  1. thanks for a great expression of what tons of us feel, but very few will say. or say as clearly as you did. thanks for that. I’ve had the same funk last week, and learned a few things from it when the sun finally came back into my spirit. It made my normal happy self, feel so much more alive. simply, I find mindful breathing – or any meditation that works for ME- helps the most. a simple 20 minute in the evening refreshes me, and when I go to sleep I’m in a happy place. that definitely helps clear things. love the word Badtitude, secretly i’m going to use it in my conversation today somewhere, and when I do- I’ll give you a quick mental nod in appreciation. have a good day, or not, but allow life – your momentum- to orchestrate where you are going…. cheers my friend, sorry to ramble on so long….. mikey


    1. A Plus Attitude Avatar
      A Plus Attitude

      Thanks Mikey for the shout out and for sharing your badtitude coping skills. Mindful breathing and meditation are great ways to help settle our thoughts and bring us back to center/balance. I’m glad to hear the sun finally came back into your spirit(I love that expression!). Feel free to use the “badtitude” phrase to your heart’s content. I’m smiling just knowing that sometime today I will be receiving a mental nod from you. Cheers back at you!


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