3 Dietary Mistakes That Lead to Weight Gain During Menopause and How to Avoid Them

The article below 3 DIETARY MISTAKES THAT LEAD TO WEIGHT GAIN DURING MENOPAUSE AND HOW TO AVOID THEM by Ella James of The Zeit offers good dietary tips that can be applied at any age. I watched many friends accumulate pounds through the years because they believe they have no control over their weight gain not just during menopause but after childbirth, after their 40s, and etc. I would also add  “not exercising” or a sedentary lifestyle as another mistake.

Bonus Article Making the right food choices can determine how you will handle menopause. Some of the menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings weight gain, and bloating can be managed by managing what we eat. The biggest mistake people make when eating is obeying their desires i.e. you just want to eat chicken […]



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