Going Green at Lunch

My daughter is a sophomore in high school. She’s never bought the school lunch. I am good with that because I can control what she eats, since I pack her lunches for her. I  try to find creative ways to make her meals more green, both nutritionally and environmentally.  

 Featured in the picture of this post is the lunch bag she carries everyday, a reusable, plastic water bottle and a plastic, washable and reusable container with compartments.

The water bottle is from IKEA. It’s plastic, BPA-Free, light weight and it fits in the front pocket of her lunch bag. I chose to stick with plastic since she has a lot of things to carry and glass is breakable, heavy and probably not a good idea to have in a school environment.

The plastic food container I bought at ALD. It has 3 compartments: one for a sandwich and another compartment split into two sections for sliced up fruits and vegetables and/or snack food. What’s great about the items I chose is they are easy to wash, light-weight and durable.

When I first started packing my daughter’s lunches, I was using disposable water bottles and plastic ziplock bags everyday. It was bothering how much waste I felt we were contributing to our beautiful earth and so I made it a priority to make some changes in how I packaged her food. I am pretty happy with what I have come up with. 

It is evident that the climate is changing and I can no longer ignore the situation. I now try to observe my habits to see if they are impacting our earth in a good or bad way. If I determine that it is bad, then I must find an alternative approach even if it means that I might have to make some sacrifices.
For more ideas on how to pack a #green #lunch, here is a link to an article I came across. “How to Pack a Waste-Free Lunch https://apple.news/AE9qEJ5jOOE-jwSkMPZ4P8g”

Let’s all try to do our part to make this planet green again.

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