Flowers and Mocha The Beauty of Impermanence

 I love this time of year. Everything is in bloom, the days are longer and warmer.  I love to sit out on my deck. It overlooks woods and is in the back of my house.

In the morning, upon awakening, I go downstairs, put on a pot of coffee, heat up a combo of almond and soymilk in preparation for my morning mocha. I love the ritual of preparing the drink, getting it just the right strenght, sweetness and temperature and pairing it with a small morsel of something sweet.

While the coffee is brewing and the milk combo is heating up, I begin watering and pruning all my plants. I get great joy out of caring for my precious, lovely plants, herbs, flowers and shrubs. They are here for a short time so I try to treasure every moment I have with them. I’m dazzled by their vibrant colors and fragrant scents.  As I care for them and  admire them, I feel like they are aware of my presence and gratitude and  they speak back to me with their beauty. I feel such love and appreciation for them and I sense they know that.

Once the coffee is done brewing and the milk is heated, I prepare my mocha and delectable morsel and bring it outside with me to enjoy. I sit at my patio table and savor every sip along with a small bite of my morsel all while I take in the wonders and beauty of nature. I sit in silence and listen to the newly composed symphony that is nature.

Nothing is permanent in this life, so I try to seize every moment all while expressing my gratitude for life’s blessing.

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