Stunning Sunrises & Sunsets

My family and I  moved  around the corner a year ago. Our new home is on a cul-de-sac, in the middle of a hill with acres of woods behind it. Our home faces east to west, so we get the most beautiful sunrises in the front of our home  and sunsets in the back. 

Now that the days are longer, I am greeted by bright, warm, welcoming sun light in the morning and am soothed and mezmorized by the intensely colorful, bright sunsets. On a warm evening, I sit outside and watch the sun set all while listening to nature’s symphonic composition performed by  birds, animals and insects. This moment both relaxes and energizes me.  A feeling of connectedness comes over me. I try to enjoy the moment and give gratitude to nature for its beautiful gifts that I so often take for granted.  I also try not to get attached to the moment, because I know that moments are temporary and fleeting.

This time of year, nature’s abunance is all around us. Allow yourself to enjoy what nature has to offer. Find a place to sit outside as often as you to can to calm your mind and slow down the rhythm of your fast paced life. Sit in quiet. Take in the beautiful sights, smells and sounds of nature. Feel nature’s gentle breeze as it caresses your body and soothes your nerves. Immerse your self in nature, it’s probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s better than a spa treatment and it’s free.

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