Vegan In Disney is Possible

I’m happy to report that I was able to stay vegan the 3 days we were in Disney, with one exception at no fault to Disney. 

We stayed on Disney property and bought the deluxe meal plan that included a snack, a quick service menu and an entree. We were at the mercy of Disney’s food service since we didn’t rent a car and were staying on their property. I managed to find a vegan item at every meal, although the options were somewhat limited at times. 

I ate oatmeal with raisins and a banana along with a cup of coffee for breakfast each day. Snacks were usually a soy latte at one of the Starbucks located in the Disney theme parks,. I had a veggie burger for lunch(some of the buns have honey in the ingredients, so you might have to forgo the bun). We ate once a day at one of the fine dining retaurants in Disney and I’m happy to report that all you have to do is ask to speak with the chef and they will accommodate your dietary requests. One of my favorite treats was chocolate tofutti (soy ice cream) with a vegan chocolate syrup.

Once, I strayed from my Vegan diet and that was a personal choice. My family and I have a tradition when we go to Magic Kingdom to split a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. So I succumbed to the tradition and split one with my husband. I have to admit, I enjoyed it, party because it was very hot yesterday and party because it is a family tradition.

So, yes a vegan can enjoy their stay in Disney. The food options are few and you might have to make special requests, but the staff is always happy to help.

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