Been Awhile But Still Grateful

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, but I’m back and still feeling grateful. My family and I had the opportunity to spend a week together in our favorite vacation spot, Hilton Head, SC.  Our daugher was on Spring break and our adult son happened to be free that week so the four of us spent a wonderful 7 days together.

We rented a condo in Sea Pines plantation, our favorite plantation in Hilton Head,  because we like to bike, spend time at the beach and dine out. We can do all three things within Sea Pines and never have to get into the car. In fact, I think we only drove the car possibly 3 times during our stay.


 It was such a relaxing week and we had quality time together as a family. I especially liked dining at the Beach Resort. I’m mostly vegan and try to get vegan food whenever I can. Sometimes it is tricky when dining out, but the Beach resort had the perfect appetizer that I went back 2 more times. 


This is What I Couldn’t Get Enough Of

I also love the Beach resort for its beautiful views of the beach. I love dining al fresco on a beautiful  day. I feel so  

image of beac club view
Beach Club View

 alive, happy  and energized. Being with my family made the experience extra-special. We were all enjoying eachother’s company so much, that rarely did someone pull out their electronic device. At one point, I took my smart phone out to scan a bar code on a Heinz ketschup bottle. Scanning the code brings you to Trivia Pursuit. I thought it would be a fun thing to play as a family while we were waiting on our food. As soon as I pulled out my phone, my husband said, “let’s keep our electronic devices in our pockets and purses while were together and enjoy these moments.” He didn’t know I was doing this to start a family game, but I put it away anyhow because we were having great conversation already. Sometimes, the simple pleasures in life are all you need to experience a memorable, happy moment.

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