Day 10 of 100 Days of Gratitude

I am ten days into my 100 days of gratitude. I now look forward to reciting things for which I”m grateful, and am using it as a coping tool for when I’m starting to feel down, anxious or when any negative thought start to pop into my head. It’s hard to stay in a negative funk when you are concentrating on finding 100 things for which to be grateful.

What’s wonderful about gratitude practice is that it can be done at anytime and anyplace, it’s totally free and requires no training(wow, that preceding statement alone offers a few things for which to be grateful).

Today was such a fabulous day. It was easy to come up with 100+ reasons for which to be grateful. The day started wonderfully and got better as it went on. I had no problem expressing gratitude throughout the entire day.

The best part about my day was spending it  outside with my wonderful family, exploring our beautiful city on bikes. We covered close to 20 miles in beautiful weather. Half-way through our bikeride, we stopped at my favorite coffee place for refreshments and ended our bike ride at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The ride home was equally entertaining. Our children were in the back seat laughing and sharing stories, telling jokes and singing silly songs from some of their favorite TV shows. It truly was “the Best Day Ever”(a song from Spongebob which was one of the songs being sung from the back seat of our car).

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