Day Three of 100 Days of Gratitude

Yesterday was 3 days into my 100 days of gratitude. I’m finding that it isn’t difficult to come up with 100 things for which I’m grateful. The first thing I do upon wakening is recite all that I’m grateful for. I don’t recite them outloud, altho you could if you want to, or; you could write them down. I lie in bed or go about my morning routine counting everything for which I’m grateful.

I’m three days into this routine and I’m finding it to be an enjoyable, almost a meditative practice. In fact, yesterday I went for my morning run. While I was running, I started going over in my head everything that I was thankful for. By the time I was done with my run, I had counted over 300 things for which I am grateful. I started with how grateful I was for being able to run. Think about what goes into making running possible. I started with just being thankful for breath, then for my strong legs, my healthy knees, my strong ankles, my flexible body, my balance, all of my 5 senses that help enhance my run, my stamina, my athletic gear, people who manufacture my athletic gear, athletic wear designers, athletic wear retailers, my job that enables me to purchase the athletic wear, the roads and sidewalks I run on, construction crew who built the sidewalks…you get the picture.

I was amazed at how easy it was to find things for which to be grateful. I came up with over 300 things by 7:30 a.m. I continued my gratitude awareness throughout the day. I have to say I had never experienced as much energy as I had yesterday. It was incredible. It was as though I was high from gratitude. Perhaps blissful is a better description of what I was feeling.

2 responses to “Day Three of 100 Days of Gratitude”

  1. What a great practice! Sounds like a meditation in itself.


    1. A Plus Attitude Avatar
      A Plus Attitude

      Thank you, Mind Body Soul Stylist. I thought the same thing. It really does feel like a form of meditation.


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